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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Two Headed Giant Limited is the most enjoyable, skill intensive and challenging Magic format known to man.

It breaks the monotony of drafting once the format becomes established (longer than 1-2 months) by making you re-evalute the same cards while also having to factor building 2 decks from your picks.

Furthermore instead of relying on selfishness it builds teamwork and lasting friendships.

Nuff said.

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I've had 4 in my possession for a couple of weeks. Of course, then they went away all over the globe in exchange for delicious money.

Amidu said:
so, hands up who has owned a promo mutavault at some point? :D

steve, you suck
*hand up* .
*hand up for his bro too*
I have more than a hand up

That Ginger One said:
*hand up* .
*hand up for his bro too*

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