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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

We're moving VERY soon, so need to move some stuff ASAP!

I have the following (boxed, complete, and in great condition) board/card games for sale, please someone give them a good home?

Dominion (base set) + Dominion Intrigue - £30 for the pair?

X610Z/Existenz card and board game - 1 Boxed ready to play base level set, 6 starter decks and ~60 sealed boosters for advanced play (yes, you can draft it). Plays similarly to Magic, only your ships (creatures) move around a game board, and can only attack enemies if in range, etc - 

3-ring binder + 9-card pages - you can have this for nothing if you're taking something else!

We additionally have the following non-game items, if you're interested:

Picnic basket w/ plates/glasses/cutlery for 2.

Bike helmet + lock

Rock Band guitar

2-man tent (says it is a 3 man, but you know how these things are...)

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just to hijack this thread, i have a copy of ascension base set (sleeved) and a copy of thunderstone base set (unsleeved) if people are interested

Also hijacking, does anyone own Betrayal at House on the Hill?  I'd so love to play that game again.

How much do you want for the two dominions dan?

How much have you got? Send me a Facebook message/text, and I can bring them to TGC tomorrow or the GP on Fri/Sat for you - I'd much prefer to sell them to a friend than the hassle of ebay and posting them, so I'm not going to be unreasonable about selling any of this stuff.

Thom Richardson said:

How much do you want for the two dominions dan?

BUMP, added a couple things.

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