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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Anyone going to one or other of these weekend of the 19th?

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Gotta keep Kieran happy somehow.

Mental Fatigue is what the Mental Cube is all about! Though it was actually impossible to find a full draft set of at least relatively well known or uncomplicated cards so an 8-man can only be done with 14 card boosters, which is probably the right size anyway. Full draft would definitely be the best way to play - you just need to learn some more cards!

Thomas David Baker said:

Maybe the packs should be smaller or it should be winston or off-the-top only to avoid mental fatigue?!

8 man mental cube sounds ... mental.

Let's do it.


Thomas David Baker said:

8 man mental cube sounds ... mental.

Let's do it.

For anyone going to MK...

I'm looking to borrow some jund cards.  

4 Raging Ravine

1 Twilight Mire

2 Lilliana

2 Deathrite Shaman

2 Olivia Voldaren

1 Deglamer

1 Slaughter Games

Is anyone able to help?

I have 2 Deathrite Shaman I can lend you

Thanks Louis!

I have the Deglamer and the Slaughter Games.  Will bring.


Well played getting to the final Levi.  Shame about Tron.  Bastards.

Shame about my complete lack of preparation.  Would love some sort of Sowing Salts in my board.  

I think I'd keep 58-59 of my maindeck cards, but the sideboard needs some major work.

Also I got super lucky to get through the event unscathed despite my average play, so I don't my getting sacked out in g2 of the finals.

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