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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

So, I, Steve, Peter, and minor and major Grover decided that a full day of drinking was far too much for our delicate little systems, and thought we'd try to go to America instead.

I didn't get an exact count, but I think the PTQ was the biggest of the season so far (Sunday Brighton doesn't count) actually hitting 50 players!

Since most of the best players have qualified, the Bristol crew didn't come because they booked they're train tickets wrong, and the Cambridge and Reading groups didn't really show up, it looked to be an easier PTQ than normal.

We all played some cards, won a bit, lost a bit less. The top 8 was:
Me, Charlie, Peter, Evil Peter (Mottram, top 4 at nats), Mick Edwards (top 4 at nats) um, some other people called Rob and a guy whose name I've forgotten.

Us three Londoners all won our quarters, as did Evil Peter.

Evil Peter then beat Pete in the semis, Charlie beat me up.

Evil Peter then elf comboed out Charlie in the finals.

To Discuss:
I was playing Time sieve (of course). My quarters opponent Rob was playing merfolk, and had been my only loss in the swiss (he beat me in about 20 mins). He was a very competent player, whose main problem was inexperience of PTQs. He did know his game rules very well.

In the quarters, game one was going his way, when he missed, over maybe 4 turns, THREE Howling Mine Triggers. I'm me, so there was a judge at the table for each of these. The ruling = the 3rd warning is upgraded to a game loss.

At no point did I bait him into making a GPE. I in fact lent him a die to put on top of his library after the 1st or second warning to help him avoid the error.

I'm not claiming it's "nice", but my attitude, and the rules, is that it's not my responsibility to remind my opponent of each trigger while they're still on the stack (as far as I can tell). When he plays a land / attacks, I stop him straight away because that's as soon as I know that he's missed it.

What do other people think of this? (Please no flaming even if it makes you angry / sick)

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Please no flaming even if it makes you Royde Rage!

Anyway how do I feel about this? I don't care.
I agree you are under no obligation to tell him about the triggers and if he forgets you should call a judge as the first indication you have that he has missed the triggers is that he lays a land drop etc.

but i wouldn't recommend repeating your 'stunt' in brighton...

ps - unlucky charlie - maybe next time!
The Brighton thing was wrong and I am sorry that I did it.
Did anyone read the most recent RIki article on Channelfireball? At one point he says " It would certainly be sporting for me to say, “Go. Don’t forget Howling Mine,”". I laughed....
And yeah amar, sucks to lose the PTQ. Although i didt deservce to win, I punted 1 game in each of my t8 matches. Although Peter punted g2 of the finals too. Maybe i deserved to win that, but got hit by the mull to 5 monster... next week right? :D

Daniel Royde said:
The Brighton thing was wrong and I am sorry that I did it.
Go team! Such a shame someone didn't get a blue envelope with 3 out of 4 semifinalists.

Re: Howling Mine. At the PTQ level it's only fair to use the rules to your advantage. At that level and above it's about the competition more than about having fun. I don't think you're going to hell but I'm not sure I could play it that way.
Riki's article is interesting,though he is wrong about there being no advantage for an opponent to miss their mine triggers.

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