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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

We are planning to meetup on the 13th April to play the best of formats - cube!

We will have my 500 card non-powered cube and hopefully the début of Kieran's 'decisions' cube. Everyone is welcome and the more the merrier.

In addition it is also James Mills birthday, so even if you don't want to cube come along and celebrate that instead!

Venue is: Katzenjammers

Meet from: 12:00 

Current planned attendees:





Dan B

Ben T




Paul H


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Sign me up!

Katzenjammers looks awesome, well up for this. 

Sign me up too

sounds like  a great plan, I am up for all these Sharn

katzenjammers is coooooool. hopefully will stay longer this time than your last birthday mills :D

You'd better!! 

What time? Have a birthday party to go to during the day unfortunately.

we will defo need to book a table for this as that place is always booked solid

My cube is really coming together for the Mills birthday cube-athon. The only card I'm missing is Steward of Valeron (I forgot to order one and I don't want to have to pay for delivery for one damn card!). Anyone have one I can steal?

What time should I book the table for?

What cube is this Kieran, is it even playable?

Do I need to bring my cube?

Mills - whatever time you want to play from, I guess!

As early as possible I guess.

Paul - I guess we will be around for a while so you can pop down whenever you're free. :D

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