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I thought there should be a thread were dudes can post ideas to make this network better.

Here's one from me:

Can we have a Cube section in the forums pl0x?

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Good idea Warren.

Cube section duly added.

If anyone wants to be an administrator let me know and I'll add you.
Good idea.

Is everyone happy with the colour scheme, or would people prefer a light text on dark background for ease of reading?

I think top priority right now is getting all the other players on it, so be sure to tell all your friends!
Is there any way we could link card names to pop-ups?

Ie, if you type, [card]Rancor[/card] it will turn 'Rancor' into a link that opens the card in a popup? Exactly like on mtgsalvation actually...

This would be something that would have to be done in the CSS I believe... would be nice.
Don't think you could CSS that Warren, maybe a bit of Javascript. Sure Tom could whip up something handy!

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