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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

  • Japan Yuuya Watanabe (2012 Players Championship winner)
  • Czech Republic Stanislav Cifka (Pro Tour Return to Ravnica winner)
  • United States Tom Martell (Pro Tour Gatecrash winner)
  • United States Craig Wescoe (Pro Tour Dragon's Maze winner)
  • Russia Dmitriy Butakov (2012 Magic Online champion)
  • United States Josh Utter-Leyton (2012–13 Player of the year)
  • Brazil Willy Edel (Top Pro Points, Latin America)
  • Hong Kong Lee Shi Tian (Top Pro Points, Asia Pacific)
  • United States Eric Froehlich (Top Pro Points, at-large)
  • United States Ben Stark (Top Pro Points, at-large)
  • Japan Shuhei Nakamura (Top Pro Points, at-large)
  • United States Brian Kibler (Top Pro Points, at-large)
  • Israel Shahar Shenhar (Top Pro Points, at-large)
  • Czech Republic Martin Juza (Top Pro Points, at-large)
  • United States David Ochoa (Top Pro Points, at-large)
  • United States Reid Duke (Top Pro Points, at-large)

Pick three players and nominate one of them as your captain (for tiebreaking). 3 points for each win in the World Championship (including the Sunday).

That is some line up even without PV and LSV. How do we go about drafting it? Pick your top 3 including a captain for tie breaks and allow dupes? Or 1-8, 8-1? was quite fun at the last pro tour so let's do something similar for the World Championship.

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I will partake!

Happy with whatever ruling system you want to go on, but with so few players, I feel that the randomised drafting order of 1-8, 8-1 could have a large impact.

I'm in too. 

I think picking 3 players plus captain will be best. Means that you can support a limitless number of entrants rather than actually trying to draft the 16 available players.

I vote for triples rather than drafting

I'm in.  If we're doing triples i'll take:

Ben Stark, Martin Juza, Brian Kibler with Stark as the captain.

So much for keeping it under your hat then Ben!

OK, open season on 3 picks with a Captain.

You may not pick an exact set that has been picked before (but you can differ by a single pick or even just by who is the captain).

The advantage of going later is that you get to see who everyone picked but the advantage of going earlier is that you get to pick freely.


Shahar Shenhar

Ben Stark

David Ochoa (cpt)

Reid Duke (cpt), Yuuya Watanabe and Josh Utter-Leyton

Willy (hehehe), stark (capt) & Martell

Wrapter (captain)



Goddamn this is hard.

I know. I think you could pick any 3 at random and probably do fine.

Thomas David Baker said:

Goddamn this is hard.

that's what I did

Simon O'Keeffe said:

I know. I think you could pick any 3 at random and probably do fine.

Thomas David Baker said:

Goddamn this is hard.

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