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Inspired by:

    * Cabal Therapy

    * Brainstorm

    * Fact or Fiction (and thus, I guess, Sphinx of Uthuun, kinda)

    * Gifts Ungiven

What other cards are famously skill testing?  Conundrum Sphinx when you both have one?  Force of Will?

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Don't they justify putting awful cards in packs by calling them 'skill testers'?

talon trooper

when has gifts EVER been skill testing... get my recoup, or eternal witness, or unburial rites, gg?

I would add:

Sensei's Divining Top

Dark Confidant

Umezewa's Jitte (knowing that you should be playing it)


Some good adds Pete but I think Gifts can be skilltesting.  Sometimes the power level is off the charts and it is just silly but in, say, cube, you can give your opponent hard and interesting choices.

Goblin Guide in the aggro mirror

Preordain. If you disagree with this you are doing it wrong

Also Squadron Hawks are actually quite a challenge, ignoring pre ban caw blade

Glory Seeker

Tromp the Domains for peoples skill level of being able to read 6 mana sorceries with a text box

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