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So now the first round of the auction is done, how are we feeling about our teams? Mine once again looks solid but not spectacular since all my money went on Defenders and they never really end up scoring enough points. Mid-table obscurity beckons for my team once again.

At least I have almost all my players, though - Simon only has 4 so far and one of them doesn't count because it's Theo Walcott.

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I have no strikers.... =(

Quite settled on my GK and Def though.

Ack, I totally missed this, and the AI has spent half my money on 4 players, and two of them are rubbish!

Don't try and blame the AI for your dubious purchases!

Simon O'Keeffe said:

Ack, I totally missed this, and the AI has spent half my money on 4 players, and two of them are rubbish!

hell yeah baby, got some cheap defenders which was the plan, got a stonking midfield and torres who I wanted missed out on Suarez who was a last min change, hoping that Spurs by Ade as that 1.5 will be a master stroke.


It's nice that loads of us are in the same league

And there's always:

with every Games Club person in one table.

Best first round of the auction for me in four years.  Either that or I've so lost track of the Premiership that I can't even tell when I have bought terrible players.

I paid silly money for Aguero that everyone has been raving about.  Dan got Rooney off me with an even sillier bid.  I'm left with 7 other players who I've never heard of.. Fingers crossed!

Not a silly bid - it was exactly the right amount based on last year's auction results.

Also people more knowledgeable than me tell me my team is awesome so nyuh.

guarenteed win this season :)

Who is?!

the question was how I felt after first round of bidding.... got everyone I wanted, with only 2 regrets:

1) Because I had so many successful bids in r1, I didn't have enough to make a proper bid on Tevez in round 2, so even though only 1 other person bid on him in 2 rounds I didn't get him

2) Because MFs are generally the lowest scoring positions, I normally only pick 5 low priority targets (2 GK and 6 DF as you change these a lot by match, 5 MF and 3 FW in case of Injury), this means that I didn't bid 500,000 on Yaya Toure as he was my 6th Choice MF (although a solid choice, the players I bid on all have higher potential upside due to being FK and CK takers and are generally more attacking players for their clubs). Yaya went for 17m in the second round, and I have had him as a steady point earner for 2 seasons (and forgot his low score last reason was due to African Nations Cup commitments)

I just got Yaya Toure for nothing in our league. Awesome. Now to hope that I don't lose two of my main defenders to comical, self-inflicted injuries on the same day like last season!

I feel a little bit like I have gone down the same route as last year, picked up Torres, he cost me promotion last year with his stupid months of not scoring or even starting, thinking he will be much better this year.

Pete - I have gone the opposite way and picked mids who will score points, I did pick up all 5 of my defenders for 500k

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