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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

It's that time of year again. The Premiership will soon be upon us.

If you want to play my Fantasy Football game or know anyone that does, let me know!

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Hey you should all do this because it is really good (and I don't even really like football!)


Dan Barrett said:

Hey you should all do this because it is really good (and I don't even really like football!)

Go on then, I'll give it a go, Thom

Cool. Adding you with your DT email address Russ but you can change it on the site easily if you want to use another.

I would, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't make the time to do it properly.

Awesome, got the invite ta - is there anything that says what your team formation is per game? Does it have to be 4-4-2 every game, or can you vary it?

You have to play 4-4-2.

Get involved Thom! You can bid for a few players and pick a team. It's not like chess preparation for you 24 match marathon against Kasparov!

Feeling pretty awesome about these! :D

Robin van Persie Ben Titmarsh Cloudgoat Rangers Forward £30.5m Yes
Robin van Persie Simon O'Keeffe His Master's Boot Forward £27.5m No

Daniel Sturridge Ben Titmarsh Cloudgoat Rangers Forward £14.5m Yes
Daniel Sturridge Jason Howlett I Heard it was a Game Forward £13.0m No

Theo Walcott Ben Titmarsh Cloudgoat Rangers Midfielder £17.0m Yes
Theo Walcott David Taylor Country Side Midfielder £12.5m No

Hmm, your tactic to "go big"? All those three went for significantly less in my (lower) division 7c...

I'm quite chuffed about only spending 30mil and some chump change on these all stars:

Time to splash the cash and fill in the gaps.

Yeah, Suarez and Bale are v risky, Rooney to a lesser extent. My div paid a lot for Suarez and Bale, but Rooney still floating about it.

Ben - Jagielka for peanuts is a bargain, unsure about the rest...  :)

I managed to concoct a link which will show you my team... I paid 10% more than you paid for Van Persie, for this lot:

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