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Hi All,

I run a fantasy football game. It's very good. The new season is kicking off in the next few days. The players you get are decided by auction. Only one manager can get (say) Steven Gerrard in each division (the highest bidder). It's fun. It's all done via the website at (website somewhat in the middle of transition to next season). Last year there were 128 managers across 7 divisions.

I'd really like you to play. Assuming you don't hate football, of course. If you want to join let me know, reply here or email or PM or whatever makes you happy.


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I have 8 games club players going into the new games club division ... anyone want to join Steve, Dan, Kieran, Will, Jason, Ray, Martin and Ben? The emails go out tomorrow night ...
Another good fantasy league:

UK Magic
Code to join this league: 540314-120490

The Premier League fantasy football is your bog-standard newspaper-style fantasy football. It's alright, but it's not the same thing (no auctions, promotion/relegation, cup and other competitions, etc.) No reason why you can't do both, though, I suppose.
OMG, please say there's room still, when do we do the auction?
I'll add you Peter. Auction starts this morning, deadline will be Tuesday next week.
so what do I do exactly?
We could really use some information if the auction is this morning - so far I know precisely nothing about what's going on.
First auction is open for 1 week, don't worry guys.

Plenty of time for me to learn what football is all about, right...?
My football knowledge is limited to David Beckham, Alex Ferguson and Matt Le Tissier... can I buy any of those?
Be calm folks, information is coming soon ...

Not sure if you got my email but I am interested, if you can add me in too would be great.

I think you've mixed me and steve up, but nvm, I'll just rename everything on the account with my email

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