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Hi All,

I run a fantasy football game. It's very good. The new season is kicking off in the next few days. The players you get are decided by auction. Only one manager can get (say) Steven Gerrard in each division (the highest bidder). It's fun. It's all done via the website at (website somewhat in the middle of transition to next season). Last year there were 128 managers across 7 divisions.

I'd really like you to play. Assuming you don't hate football, of course. If you want to join let me know, reply here or email or PM or whatever makes you happy.


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Hi Peter - sorry about that. I've fixed it all now and sent you an email.
Man, i hope my tactical bidding pays off...

(and also my assumption that if someone got lots of points last year they will this year too...)
heh, now we wait, lets see what you guys bid :)
god, I hate the part between bidding and waiting to see if you've won
Cesc Fabregas £7.5m - utter disgrace....
I finally got a goalkeeper! Though having the No. 1 at Wolves is probably not going to score me that many points....
Wayne Rooney and Peter Crouch, get in there. They're still good right?

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