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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Is it the finest bidding-based property auction card game in the world?

If not, what is?

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It's so good, i bought my own copy on eBay.

Worth every penny!
We should organise another board games event for some time soon, i'm 50/50 on this weekend though.
Well, there's no Magic on, and i have Friday off work, so this weekend is all good for me. I have Dominion, For Sale, Chrononauts (Gary and Rob played it at mine sunday and liked it), plus 2 versions of Fluxx
I independently invented Chrononauts. I'm gutted to see it already exists. Although collecting the three objects seems tragically easier than setting up the timeline. I'm going to create a more complicated version.
i've got high dice and snap
there is a gpt for brighton on saturday in reading which i am almost positive i am going to...

no accomadation award but it is £25
but its on sunday - so we can do both (but im sure i'll only need to do reading...)
High dice and snap are frequently placed in the card game genre 'bidding-based property auction', I realise this. I will therefore put forward my top trumps collection and miniature snoopy themed playing cards.
I would wager Power Grid is perhaps the finest bidding-based property auction game in the world.

Okay the propertyies are smoke belching powerplants, and there are virtually no cards in the game, and it takes 4 times as long to play, but stil...

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