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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

First up a reminder to pregregister on The Games Club website:

I'm attending the saturday morning session and decided to go for Simic.  The evolve mechanic looks like a ton of fun, I don't think it's a particularly clear cut choice though.  Which guild are you going for?

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Orzhov all the way! I just love their flavour, and the ability to just sit there and bleed your opponent to death appeals to my sadistic nature.


In other news, HoFer PVDDR will be attending this one :)

Much as I'd like this to be a sneaky Dimir trick, I've actually signed up for Gruul. As far as the prerelease cards go, I think it's Boros > Gruul > Simic/Orzhov (both are odd enough that I'm not sure which is best) > Dimir (mainly just because it could be stuck in your hand.) Gruul could be the most consistent as Bloodrush keeps both your trick and creature count artificially high. Orzhov's more defensive creatures seem like they could have a lot of trouble with Gruul's size and pumps, Boros's pumps/battalion, and Dimir/Simic's evasion. Much as I love the hell out of the 1/4 defender with Extort, I don't think he gets to block safely very often.

Simic does look like it has the potential to be the most fun to play, for sure.

I'd be playing gruul I think, mono creatures/pump spells seems good

Simic and orzhov.for me .... Although if you wanna win I reckon gruul is the way to go

I'm fairly convinced cipher is pants, seems very over costed.  I have gone simic as looks to have the most arsing about

I think I may be switching Simic just for the endless shenanigans that will ensue.

Your Fathom Mage is gonna get mugged so hard, all day...

Tom Reeve said:

I think I may be switching Simic just for the endless shenanigans that will ensue.

My Fathom Mage will have more sense than to expose herself to an unnecessary mugging.

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