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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Geoff mentioned in Star City Games Pro Tour Honolulu Preview

"James Escritt and Geoff Fletcher are unlikely to win anything in Honolulu, but Geoff is one of the most improved players I've seen in a long time from the UK, and I would imagine he almost expects, rather than hopes, to make Day 2."

From: Pro Tour: Honolulu Preview by Rich Hagon.

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Yes, but you appear to have missed the following waver:

"I, Rich Hagon, admit that I want to suck Geoff fletcher off beyond all belief"

Geoff will admit that thats true.......
Rich knows which players are good, and only talks to them. He ignored my existance until geoff said i was as good as him and then i smashed geoff at the Prerelease...
i dunno he has always come off as a really nice bloke. always says hello at events etc.
it not exactly that im a pro player though.
He seems to interview geoff and I at every gp and prerelease >_>

also, if someone said I was "most improved" I would smack them upside the head.

who doesn't expect to day 2?

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