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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Dan Royde 8-1 at the end of Day 1.


Anyone else we know representing?  Dan told me that a group of British players that were Q'ed for the PT were doing the GP+PT thing in Pennsylvania but I didn't see any familiar names in a quick scan.  And of course they are all marked as being from the USA because is ... not always brilliant.



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Nicholas Taylor (xtreme trades guy - Nick Taylor))

Stephen Murray

dunno about the others, haven't checked if Dan Gardener et al are there.

Afaik its nothing to do with daily

All the other people from other non US countrys appear fine.

I think that Henke told me it is something to do w ith the fact that the uk does exist as far as reporter is concerned... so it has to be overidden manually.

dan is now 9-1... but site is bad so I can't see a better update
9-2 and down to 43rd place.  Lots of winning to do from here ...
How many Pro points does he have already? What result does he need here to push him up to the next Pro Level?

top 32, but we won't settle for anything less than a win...

Where is he in the Player of the Year race???!!!


Rager: The Dan Royde Story

11-2. Getting better

he needs to win both though.... terrible breakers and huge amount of ppl playing...


if he wins and ids for top 32 I will be pretty disappointed in him though

shit, he lost
well, 11-3 is still damn good
I'm off to bed...4am... Dan, if you come on... mini tournament report with matchups? :)

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