Demonic Tutor

Magic: the Gathering in the UK

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Shambling Remains by Rainier Ladaban-Ong

Good card,
It can do enough damage!!

Even though it cannot block,
it can still destroy the opponents creature,
if they chose to block.


Sage Owl by Glen Hill

Great card,
I have 2 of them,
in my pure blue deck.

Amazing ability,
and only costs 2.

You must buy one,
don't let the Sage Owl down !

Rhox War Monk by Paul Jones

Get your Rhox on,
get your Rhox on honey!

Can't argue with this bad boy at all.
Bigger than his cost,
with lifelink to boot.

Playing him, he seems strong,
but playing against him,
you realise just how strong he is.

Hope you have a path or a doomblade.

Chandra Ablaze by Adam Crichton

In the right deck,
this card is awesome.

but who has an instant/sorcery heavy red deck,
that focuses on getting one card onto the battlefield,
and the rest into your graveyard?

very few people.

build a deck around it,
and it'll go perfectly.
put it into an existing deck,
and it wont really help.

Sphinx of Jwar Isle by Richard Smith


It's blue.

Everyone knows blue sucks,
and always has.

If I play green,
I can get a 5/4,
for three mana,
which is obviously WAY better.

Whoever wrote that review,
obviously knows nothing about how to play Magic...

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my brain is bleeding.

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