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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Rebels, Faeries, Imperiosaur, Dampen Thought, Storm, Giants, Goblins, Tokens, Narcomeba+Bridge from Below, +1/+1 counters, -1/-1 counters, charge counters and time counters.

Modern Masters is shaping up to be the limited format of Kieran's dreams!

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Mono Imperiosaur is the way to go!

Having Dampen be the actual intended archetype for a colour combination, rather than the glitch-in-the-Matrix easter egg, is going to be super weird. I am, however, very excited overall for this :)

This draft format looks amazing. The sad thing is that this is what Wizards could do with every set if they hadn't decided to remove all the complexity from the game!

Dampen at common and Petals at common. seems like without any of the good arcane spells the deck will be nothing like the old dampen thought deck though. I think its just going to end up with blue control decks playing 1xDampen 1xPetals as a millstone.

Edit: that said, with Dampen common now some weird fast mill decks will be possible as getting multiple copies will be pretty easy

Full spoiler up now, looks like fun! £20 draft on Friday in Colchester for everyone who's up that way.

There's a draft in Dunstable on Saturday too at 25 I think Jim said.

I cannot believe Remand is not in this set.  Thoughtseize may well be reprinted in some upcoming set but they are surely not going to put Remand into Standard?

Maybe they're saving remand for MM2?

MM2 will surely cover a different time period.  Plus they didn't know if they would do MM2 when they made this set.  It's a weird omission considering it is a $10 uncommon.

"Just to keep everyone informed. The Games Club will be running Modern Masters drafts every Tuesday and Friday throughout June starting this Friday. Price will be £30 with Dragon's Maze prizes." -- from Crispin.

It does seem like the kind of set they can revisit every two-three years or so, pushing the card window by the same amount each time. (Which would explain some of the LOR/SHM-block omissions at least.)

I don't blame Jason or Mike for this, they are doing what they can with what is available I am sure, but £30 drafts and nothing on this Saturday for release is SO disappointing. :(

As I'm not up to date on such things, how many cards are there that are worth over £20? trying to work out if I want to make the 1 mile wander to play in this on Friday eve?

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