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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

It is the day after the Modern PTQ in Dundee (16/03/2013)

Facebook Event:

All profits from the event will be given to charity.

I cannot go to this event, but if people do need a place to stay with some locals it can be arranged.

Sunday 17th March 2013

Doors Open 11am

only 60 places, all players must
preregister before 16th March.

Highlander Games,
98 Annfield Road,
Dundee DD1 5JH
01382 909093
txt, 07882562616

Modern Constructed
Top 8 Play-off


1st Place. One unlimited Black Lotus (NEAR MINT)
2nd Place A From the Vault:Realms Box Set
Additional Booster Prizes for the rest of the entrants. 2 boosters per player added to prize pool
everybody gets at least 1.

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why is this event not legacy? : ( 

Shit format is shit!

I asked why it wasn't legacy and he thinks he will get more people if it is the same format as the PTQ the previous day.

Classic entitled legacy players... :P

Yeah why isn't it Legacy!? I mean we're winning a BLACK LOTUS!

Levi Hinz said:

Yeah why isn't it Legacy!? I mean we're winning a BLACK LOTUS!

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