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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Inspired by Ross's current escapade, and faced with large expanses of inhospitable terrain and/or politics, Tom and I have decided on a new race with similar amounts of tedium, discomfort and journey time - but somewhat more road, and less peril. Probably less peril.

The challenge is thus: to make your way to monte carlo in a milk float.

Milk floats are powered by electric engines.

This, perhaps, is the first challenge.. How would you mod your cart? I think trained goats.

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Is this actually going to happen?

If so, i might be able to sort out some sponsorship through work...
Haha Dan - i'm guessing this isn't a real rally. Going 15 miles an hour for hundreds and hundreds of miles would take forever! Not even thinking about the logistics of charging the battery every few hours... It'd be a bit like that film The Straight Story.
Strip it down for weight and solar power!
Why make modifications when you can ride the world's fastest milk float:
Much though Ben is quite right..

Mark Walker said:
Strip it down for weight and solar power!

I am enormously tempted to actually do this. (likes so... )


c.940 miles
c.15 mph

at 3hrs/day, that's 20 days of high speed adventure.... I don't know how much driving you'd get out of solar panels. Maybe you could charge it on the way and get more driving out of it. That would reduce the time enormously.

Plus the backup trained goats, of course. I wonder how long it takes to train goats?

This is work avoidance at it's VERY BEST.

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