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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Are you in the tournament starting at 5pm?

684 signed up so far, maximum of 2048. It's free!

It's under Premier Events.

I have a spare Momir avatar if someone wants to borrow. 1st come, 1st served (bakert99). Other than that you only need 60 basic lands.

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Im up for it
checked this a bit too late apparently
Lost twice on time, conceded a round to go and buy a hot water bottle and won 3 rounds. I'm unbeatablish!

All in all enough Momir Basic to last me a year or two. Back to Magic where you can't accidentally exile your game winning pair of Vampiric Dragons by accidentally playing Denizen of the Deep.
Had one win after three rounds then couldn't be bothered to wait for the horrendously long time between rounds, it seemd i have you to blame for that ;P One notable moment, this was the first time ever i have seen a norin the wary in play against me, it was magical

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