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There are a few things going on in the MODO secondary market that are interesting or frustrating or both:

* Prices often remain wrong for some time after new information becomes available.
* The terrible usability of MODO Marketplace makes buying and selling of cards unwieldy.
* Almost everyone is doing almost everything by hand.
* The behavior of all parties is probably not strictly-classical-economics-rational.

There might be some value in (a) trying to make money in the market in an automated way; or (b) offering some kind of "better" service for those that buy and (particularly) sell cards; or (c) both.

What I don't know is how the people that sell cards actually sell them. I know Ben, Gary and others have sold lots of cards.

Questions for those that have sold cards:

How do you do it? Through the Marketplace?

What kind of prices do you get compared to sell prices?

Is it easy or painful or somewhere in between?


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How would you propose to automate this any differently to what's already being done with bots? How could you make the service any better given the confines of the trader UI?

I've sold cards two ways, in bulk through ebay (got £120 for all my alara stuff). And piecemeal to random traders when I need tix to draft etc. For the latter I look at maybe 3/5 sellers before selling to the one with the best prices.
Of note perhaps is that a lot of bots make extra cash by only paying you full tickets, and saving fractional ones as credit.

Meaning unless you go back to them later, you got short-changed.

Basically, they need to include 1/100 fractional tickets and make it a proper market at some point in future.

Also, the high/low price variation is EXTREME compared to paper magic - it seems a card is either less than 1, or 20+ tix, with very few in between.
you sell them by going to classifieds and typing the name in, then getting the cheapest one obv

Amidu said:
you sell them by going to classifieds and typing the name in, then getting the cheapest one obv
@Ben - anything is possible, although there is a question of practicality.

@Dan - And cards can move from one bracket to the other. The best example here is Dark Depths. Once sold for less than a dollar:

On Sep 21 Patrick Chapin mentioned the combo in this article when the price was $3.62:

It had already been mentioned by Evan Erwin.

It peaked at $30 and still goes for approx. $17. I'm curious to work out what happens if you buy a bunch of every card that gets a mention like this. Do you make money in the long term? Enough to make it worth the effort?

@Everyone who sells cards - Say you just completed a draft and you want to sell everything. You type the name of the most valuable card you just drafted into the Marketplace and then pick whichever bot mentions the best buy price for that rare, and sell all of your cards to that bot? Or you do more shopping around than that?
I barely bother to shop around- usually I've found for 5/6 tix cards it's the same price everywhere. I end up sticking with the same couple of bots because loosing fractions of a ticket to many different bots annoys me more than a slightly worse price.

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