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So Ross, Kieran, Andy and myself were discussing the idea of organising a New-Old-Boys draft i.e. those of us who aren't old enough, and (somewhat) lacking the gut mass to participate in tuesday's old-boys draft, but still old enough to wish to avoid Johnny-First-Pick-Door-To-Nothingness

Whos in?

1. Kieran

2. Ross

3. Andy

4. Ben

5. Amar

6. Paul

7. Allan

8. Russ

Maybe it can become a regular thing?

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I always windmill-slam Door to Nothingness! Best card in the set!

if only i could have confidence that this was said with irony, but when it comes to kieran 'shitty zombie lord from alara bloc' sim-in-ton you never can tell

Kieran Symington said:

I always windmill-slam Door to Nothingness! Best card in the set!

This has been tried a few times before and it's never worked. But I'd love it if it did!

Put me down - I'll def make more of an effort to come if I know I'm drafting with people I know.

Amar - we've definitely organised ad-hoc drafts on here that have worked a few times before.  Although making it a regular thing may be a little more tricky but we can just play it week-by-week for now!

Added you to the list for Tuesday 17th

if drafting > burgers (amar?) then I'm in

Depending on time (i.e.: 6.30 onwards), I should be keen.

I liked the time we did this before, but am not around on tues - another time though for sure!

In general I'm interested, next Tuesday I probably can't do.

Am I the only one who thinks that the pool of old boys can only get smaller if you do this, but it can get larger if you help everyone get better?  I was one of the people you don't want to draft a few years ago ...

If you were going to be drafting in silence and practicing for the PT that's one thing.  But we all know it's going to be none-too-subtle discussions of what colors people are going into and laughing at Nathan for trying to table whatever random foil Cleric he wants this week.

I haven't been to a week night draft at tgc for a while so maybe it's just too terrible.  But when you do play first pick Door to Nothingness man you have to help him out.  Geoff Fletcher always did and he was better than anyone on this list.

Alright, rant over.  But food for thought, maybe?

Tom: It's a valid point, but it depends what people are choosing between.
I hate playing on modo, but would still rather do that than go a random weekly draft to play against weaker players who I don't know. On the other hand I do really drafting with you guys. The choice is therefore this or nothing, in which case it's presumably better for more people to turn up. 

Tom - I struggle:

Sometimes I really want to be like that, the guy that rebuilds everyone's decks, very nicely points out their glaring errors after the match, has a look at whatever deck is in my opponent's bag with interest, etc...

But I do this kind of thing all day, sometimes I just want to talk shit with my friends, have a few beers, and play some challenging (though fun foremost) games of Magic, with people I already know, rather than random quiet visiting guy #453.

And this kind of event totally meets the latter desires.

The best thing about doing it this way is that you can redraft rares at the end. Way better than just winning a couple of packs - especially with the new prize structure around. Plus it's way more fun to play people you know. I don't mind playing against new players, but I'd much rather play people I know - mostly because I can gloat if I win and complain bitterly if I lose which I always feel bad about doing to people I don't really know.

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