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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

We set up for an exciting final with both Ross and Russ unbeaten. With Ross left on 1 life, a cheeky attack with a single Goblin Arsonist took the game down for Russ, who finished with the first unbeaten record!  I finished third and Kieran took fourth, leaving the league like this after 3 weeks:

1    Ross    13
2    Kieran    12
3    Russ    11
4    Andrew    10
5    Ben    9
6    Rebecca    6
7    Ray    4
8    Marek    2
8    Dan Royde    2
8    Charlie    2
11    Amar    1

Taking signups for week 4.  Ross and Andy both can't make it so we need help making up the numbers:

1. Ben

2. Kieran

3. Phil

4. Dan


6. Nathan

7. Allan

8. Russ

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I'm so sick of losing to Ben. This week he milled me out while holding off my entire team with a single Bond Beetle just to rub it in. I demand satisfaction!

I'm in unless I get olympics tickets

Going to see the Olympic Football Semi Finals at Wembley next Tuesday - hopefully once stuff settles down I can make NOBs draft a regular occurrence!

Probably in

Im in

yeah man i think i can make it for once : ) 

Should be in this time. Am I correct in assuming it starts at 7pm at County Hotel?

In.  ;)

Sweet, full house!  Who needs Ross?

Kieran does.

Paul can no longer make it so we have a slot free

Sadly me neither, sorry guys. If i borrowed cards from you ill have them next time

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