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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Newcomers Simon and Maor stormed this weeks draft taking first and second.  Kieran continues to put in a strong performance having placed in all 4 drafts.  Some others best left unamed faired not so well this week with a 0-7 record...

1    Kieran    16
2    Ross    13
2    Russ    13
4    Andrew    10
4    Ben    10
6    Simon    8
7    Rebecca    6
7    Maor    6
9    Ray    4
10    Marek    2
10    Dan Royde    2
10    Charlie    2
13    Amar    1
13    Phil    1
13    Allan    1
13    Nathan    1

Taking Signups for next week:

1. Ben

2. Charlie

3. Kieran

4. Amar

5. Dan Royde

6. Russ

7. Nathan

8. Paul

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Im in for next time

I'm in for next week! Got to get in early now that these are becoming more popular!

I'm in!


In as well

sure me too : )

Cool, nominally reserving a place for Russ who will almost certainly be there.  One space left..

Should be able to make it this week, sign me up

Lol missed out Royde

Don't think it'll be a problem. At least one of the original 8 will drop out!
Yeah ill be around in case anyone doesnt make it....

Sorry guys, guess the person that can't make it will be me.

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