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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Charlie finally broke the top half of the draft in style, winning the draft.  Ross put in another solid performance to finish second.  My third place finish edges me into first position with 20 points and Russ recorded a predictable 4th place finish!

1    Ben    20
2    Ross    19
3    Kieran    17
3    Russ    17
5    Charlie    11
6    Andrew    10
7    Levi    9
8    Simon    8
9    Rebecca    7
10    Maor    6
10    Nathan    6
12    Ray    4
13    Dan Royde    3
14    Marek    2
14    Amar    2
16    Phil    1
16    Allan    1
16    Joe    1

Taking Signups for Week 7.

1. Maor

2. Ross

3. Kieran

4. Andrew

5. Russ

6. Paul

7. Charlie

8. Levi

Reserve/Pod 2:









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I can't do any worse than this week's 8th place! (Could have been 6th if I'd won that roll-off, though!)


Why do you have a roll-off?

Is it to determine order for players who finish on the same record?

Just use head-to-head first, then if multiple players are in contention with the same record, and they have all beaten each other, then use countback of the players that they beat.


Charlie, Kieran and Russ all finish on 4-3, and Charlie beat Kieran who beat Russ who beat Charlie. So look at the point scores of the players they beat (1 points for a win):

Charlie beat Kieran (4), Ben (5), Amar (1), Nathan (2) = 12

Kieran beat Russ (4), Amar (1), Andrew (2), Nathan (2) = 9

Russ beat Charlie (4), Amar (1), Andrew (2), Nathan (2) = 9

So finishing order is:

Charlie (due to countback points)

Kieran (due to head-to-head record vs Russ as countback points were identical)


The system values you for winning against the players who did better, rather than randomly. Obviously the effort of doing it might outweigh the speed and drama of the roll-off.

NOTE: Players chosen, and records of said players, are not indicative of actual real life play skill

Usually we go by whoever won out of the tied people in their own matches, but this week we had a 3-way tie at the bottom with every player having beaten a different person. Simon's way does help remove the element of chance from things, but it also involves a lot of working out to settle the order of who gets the foil Ravenous Rats and who has to settle for a Door to Nothingness.


Kieran beat Nathan(2) & Levi(3) = 5

Nathan beat Ben(4) and Joe(2) = 6

Joe beat Kieran(2) and Levi(3) = 5

This would have meant:

6th Nathan

7th Joe

8th Kieran (as Joe beat Kieran)

Did take 5 minutes of working out, and which ever way you cut it Kieran still sucks!

Might be worth doing this if you've got a three way tie for first with 3 people on 15 points or something!

Shotgun the last place!

looks like i'm a little late again, but meh. if someone drops :P i should be around as backup/pod2~

Your lucky day Maor.. just found out I can't make next week as i'm going to see At The Drive In. 

Out of curiosity, how do the points work?  :)

Like this:

1    8
2    6
3    4
4    2
5    1
6    1
7    1
8    1

Bah, mega-biased against Mr Mediocrity  :p

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