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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Our pod was cut down to 7 this week to even out the other drafts.  Levi took the top spot with Ross in second and me third.  Things are looking tight at the top of the leaderboard! 

1    Ross    33
2    Ben    32
3    Kieran    21
4    Charlie    19
5    Levi    19
6    Russ    18
7    Nathan    14
8    Andrew    12
9    Maor    10
10    Simon    8
11    Rebecca    8
12    Ray    4
13    Dan Waine    4
14    Dan Royde    3
15    Marek    2
16    Amar    2
17    Paul    2
18    Phil    1
19    Allan    1
20    Joe    1
21    Mills    1


1. Ben

2. Ross

3. Kieran

4. Andrew

5. Levi

6. Amar

7. Russ

8. Charlie

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Is this week finally time for the legendary 'Titmarsh Cube' draft? Surely you must be almost ready with it by now.

Why not!  I reckon I can get together the last of the cards for next tuesday.  We could pay the normal £13 each for a box of M13 then just crack all the packs and redraft the rares?

Sounds like a super duper fun time, count me in!

Sounds good to me too ... Reckon we could start at 6.30 and draft the cube twice adding the combined results?

I'm in for cube drafto, although getting there at 6.30 might be a push...


Doing it twice would be really good, especially as there's likely to be massive variety in the decks that get played. We should definitely aim to do that even if it means starting early.

Phil does your response indicate you are in, and if so will you actually turn up this time? ;)

Although just paying £13 to crack some packs seems like a waste - Jason normally has a price (£5 ?!) where he will  provide prize support for a private event. That might be better...

I could be there for 6.45 if that's OK? This is gonna be awesome!

Amar - We've taken to cracking the prize packs and redrafting the rares at normal drafts, this is just basically the same thing.  Personally I'm well up for just cracking the box, but we could crack say 50% of it, then offer some sealed packs as prizes too if you'd prefer sealed packs

Cool - not really too fussed either way, only a marginal suggestion.

Drafting cube sounds good though - looking forward to it.


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