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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Playing the only other undefeated player in a few minutes in round 12.


Dan lost r1 today and is 9-2.

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Pete beat infect to go 12-0. The only undefeated player.

His list is on dailymtg. Not living end OR uw ... splinter twin with grim lavamancer and inquisition in the main.

What a boss.

Holy shit ... 13-0 for Pete.  He can ID in now for sure.  Only one player within 6 points of him!

And what a manabase.

Crush it Pete!

Top 8 started.  Olivier Ruel killed by his Affinity opponent on t3.

Pete now on camera!!!

u can see Magic Madhouse t-shirt!

Looks like Pete is going to lose, hope the Bob flips something big!

Aarggh Pete conceeded without seeing bob flip!

Something like four or five thoughtseizes in two games?

Bad times.

Great showing though Pete!  And Pro Points!

Yep well done Pete, great performance over the two days, and qualified for the Pro Tour.

I guess the guy could activate Deathrite Shaman to gain life with Bob trigger on the stack and therefore certainly survive.

Only top 4 qualify for PT since they expanded the number of GPs unfortunately.

If Wizards/DCI want to discourage IDs they should make it Top 4 on Swiss standings ... (or does already-qualified people make that a terrible idea?)

Pete - how the hell do I play your deck? In particular how do you beat Spellskite? Do you ever win with anything except the combo?  I'm getting my ass kicked in the Tournament Practice room because I'm terrible.  Help a brother out!

Congrats Pete, shame you didnt get the qualification though.


Must have got a lot of planeswalker points for that event.

very sad, he got very good draws and I mulliganned into less than great hands, but it was still pretty close (without the second thoughtseize, he would have lost g2). The deck was unbeatable that weekend (5-0 in trial, 10-0 in play matches before the t8), not sure how good a choice it is going forward. Shame I lost the first game that mattered :S

Also, commentators got it wrong on misplay, he has a deathrite shaman in play, and there is still a deceiver exarch in my gy. he can go to 5 in upkp (he did the same in g1), there is nothing he can flip in his deck or sb except batterskull which costs 5 (he wouldn't have batterskull post board vs me)

7, he got 4 in the first 4 turns in g1, backed up by shaman + bob (no slow clunky cards like bbe drawn until the perfect turn). he was the first jund player very prepared for me though (sb rakdos charm, no finks/messenger) the pro points are pretty worthless tbh, as I won't play that many gps... only like modern as a format...

add me on skype: peter_dun , we can play through 2-3 games on screenshare and you should get it pretty quickly :). you always win with the combo, but they HAVE to answer lavamancer unless they are combo or wu. in one match vs infect (RI3) kept not drawing combo pieces but killed EIGHT of his guys before getting there.

post sb you should have grudge, md, you have the following answers to spellskite:
1) 2x lavamancer (or lavamancer + kiki)
2) exarch + kiki
3) racing with lavamancer + pestermite

Thomas David Baker said:

Something like four or five thoughtseizes in two games?

Bad times.

Great showing though Pete!  And Pro Points!

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