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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Yea, i know it's a weekday so somewhat limiting

It's bragster-related, for some videos related to something coming shortly with WotC. Can't say much more than that at present. Should be a fun day though, some cool people coming along. ;)

I'm looking at you, Stanj. Anyone else that might be available, leave a message and i'll get back to you as soon as possible with a bit more in the way of details.

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Ah ok, well I have work. Sounds interesting though!

Dan Barrett said:
Ideally for 11am, but as long as you're there by 12 that'll do. Will probably take until around 3/4pm - if time is an issue though, we can make sure we get all your stuff done first.

bragster is located 5 mins walk from Liverpool St, 10 mins walk from Old st tub stations.

Shout and i'll PM you some more secret details. :)

Ben Titmarsh said:
What time do we need to get there and where is it?
A massive thank you to Tom, Tiff, Nathan and Rob for coming yesterday, you were awesome!

Feel free to tell everyone all about it. ;)

And hope Martin's thing afterward was awesome, gutted i couldn't make it! :(
No problem Dan it was well worth it to see the capricious fates decide that Tiff should beat Olivier :)

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