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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

5 Sajgalik, Eduardo [ENG] 37 56.0096%


17 Royde, Daniel [ENG] 34 55.1444%


42 Bland, Richard [ENG] 31 52.8846%

Pretty sweet!

Top 8 tonight.

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Jolly good show chaps!

Dan was 5-3 overnight so he went 6-1-1 on Saturday.  Pretty great.  Top 25 is good I know (PT invite, lots of points and money) I hope missing Top 16 doesn't hurt anything.

I will support Eduardo in Top 8 but I also like Watanabe, Cifka playing Eggs to a 9-1 record and Ochoa listing one of his "Other Magic Achievements" as "Best Mustache in Professional Magic History -- Finalist".

I only lost to Eduardo yesterday.
16th would have been a lot better than 17th, the difference is $1500 and 5 points. (Gold is 30 points this year and there're 3 PTs, so 16th would make gold a much more reasonable prospect)

The draw was because I tried to win 1-0 in a draft match.

Ochoa is trying to bring back the Charlie Chaplin mustache. He did it for day 2. He thinks that mustache should no longer be tainted.

we actually have 2 uk players in the top 8.  If my memory services me correctly, Lee Shi Tian used to played at tgc then he won in Birmingham before leaving the UK.  Unfortunately both UK players are playing each other in the qf.


Welldone guys for doing great.


Got BDM to give that snippet a shout out on the stream Ray ;)

Nice - heard it!

Eduardo is getting crushed by the Magic Gods in the QF.  Scapeshift to win the whole thing.

Not quite sure why Eduardo let the Vendilion resolve in G3... maybe he was trying to next level LST and hope he would target himself, but I don't think, being so many cards down, that he can let his clock go away...

His opponent will counter it if he can, but if he can counter it now, he can also counter it if he goes for Scapeshift in a turn or two...

Big Oopsies.

Ut oh

Can we see what was the top card of his library that would have been drawn off the v clique please!

Really unfortunate game 5.  Especially after those *terrible* draws in g1 and g2 to come back to 2-2.  That's what happens if you play super intensely for two days then come back for a third day, on camera, for loads of money, etc.  Real shame.  But great to get that far!

I wouldn't know anything about that ;)

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