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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

I'm driving to this, anybody want a lift?

I'll be going from Potters Bar and can do a pickup from Cockfosters on Sat morning or you can come stay at mine on Friday night.

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This sounds better than trying to navigate from Colchester station to the site.

Do you have spare beds or just sofa?  What time would you want to meet at Cockfosters Sat AM?

Pickup from Cockfosters Station no later than 8am (takes 1hr20min according to GoogleMaps).

Otherwise, yes.

I have 2 spare beds and a sofa going in Potters Bar.

I'll take a lift if theres still space.  I can meete at cockfosters.

OK you both got a seat.
Space for 1 more in the car.

Would like to take the last spot!

Cool, car is full.

Louis and Tom - lemme know if you wanna stay over or meet Sat morning.

put me down for a backup spot in case anyone drops out Amar!

Roy Raferty beat Chris Cooper 2-1 in the finals. 

Yeah, watched it live on their stream :) well done Roy

Well played Roy.

But did he play this manabase to a 10th place finish in the Swiss?  I think not.

1 Izzet Guildgate

1 Rakdos Guildgate

1 Mountain

1 Plains

3 Swamp

4 Island

6 Forest

thanks guys, although they always spell my second name wrong!!!


tom, that most certainly was not my mana base! where did you see that?!?!?!


does anyone know who were the other qualifiers? or who is going from the uk?

Phillip Griffiths one the Cardiff one - you can contact him through my Facebook friends.

Dan Ruiz, who also used to play in Cardiff won a Spanish one too, so they may be working together.

PS pretty sure that manabase belongs to Tom :P

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