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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Anyone up for some games and beers in London?

Maybe some edh, cube if poss, board games, I can bring some wow if anyone fancies something different?

Suggestions welcome

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I'm afraid I can't make this Saturday as we have visitors, but how about 17th March (which happens to be St Patricks Day)

I'd definitely be up for an 8 man cube if possible - using my Cube ofcourse! :D

Question is, where?


Definitely up for cube.  I can bring Graveyard Cube to Penderel's Oak if we don't have a expensive cube-friendly venue.

Happy to travel wherever.  My place is in no fit state unfortunately and only sits about four anyway ...

pendrall is a fine shout all we need now is some more people and we are home and dry

I'm currently available

What is this Pendrall's Oak, and is it money Cube friendly?

It is most certainly monkey cube Cube friendly - they actively encorage gorrilla shaman and uktabi orangutangs!

It's a Wetherspoons in Holborn.  It's not particularly busy on a Saturday.  The tables are clean but it's a pub.  The biggest danger is definitely us boozing/drinking around the cards.  But we could money Cube first then proxy Cube later and ban drinking until the later?

I have no particular attachment to Penderel's Oak but it is large enough and empty enough and central enough that it's not a bad venue.

I would advise against the money cube when in pubs to be honest

I'm afraid pubs and my Cube will never be friends, ever.

I'm not even happy about people drinking around my Cube TBH. 

leave it at home man, we have a few other options

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