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As you may have heard, this summer ian mulhiern and I will be attempting to drive to Ulaan Bator, the capital of Mongolia, in a Skoda. We're doing it as part of a charity rally that will leave from Goodwood on 18 July.

Our aim is to raise money for two excellent causes: our friend David Scourse's fund at Epilepsy Research UK, an organisation that funds vitally important research into a little-understood condition; and Mercy Corps, a charity that works in Mongolia to empower some of the poorest people in the world by enabling community-led and market-driven development. The arcane fundraising rules of the event mean that we have to raise the first £1,000 for Mercy Corps before we can switch to raising money for Epilepsy Research. Don't ask me why. So once we've hit the £1,000 mark, we'll be sending a second email out, to alert anyone who'd prefer to sponsor Epilepsy Research. Complicated, huh?

If we make it all 10,000 miles in our trusty conveyance, the car will also be donated to some ingenious Mongolians who are well-known for their ability to keep a crate on the road for decades after it would have succumbed to one of Mr Brown's car scrappage schemes back in Blighty.

Every penny you donate will go directly to our two fantastic charities. None will go towards paying for either the car, spare parts, fuel, bail, fermented mares' milkshake, country visas, border guard bribes, sustenance for the intrepid explorers, or AA vehicle recovery from Ashgabat...

There's no set route for the rally and we had planned to drive through Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan and others. Recent events in Iran have meant that we're no longer allowed into the country - apparently they don't much like British tourists any more - which has thrown a spanner in the works. We're working on an alternative route and will let you know when we have one...

Please give generously by clicking on the link below - of course, we might not get there but please don't let that put you off donating! Thank you!


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Liar. There is no live on youtube. I want my money back!

Actually - justgiving is a bit knackered. It's been a bit knackered for a little while although I was assured by their people it was fixed last week, it doesn't seem very well at the moment.

... 465 quid! You're leaving in just over a week!
very kind of you to donate the rest
A trip to Iran would be the perfect time for you to do some of those challenges on Bragster. Putting the planeswalker symbol on a picture of Ali Khamenei would practically guarantee you that trip to worlds. "Show us how you rule!"
To be honest, just a video recapping the whole adventure would make for a great bragster video - are you taking a camera?

Assuming you are and you'd like it, when you get back we could always get one of our two resident video geniuses to edit it all together and stick it on our homepage. :)
It's where i work, the Magic-based challenges are here:

ross miles said:

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