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Hi guys,

just wondering if we have enough boosters going around for a draft this tuesday? and if so would people want to draft Theros?

I've currently got 4, has anyone else kept theirs unopened and might be interested?

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I have 3. Ross has 2. Andy has 4. Dan B has 4.

Not sure if all of those people are coming on Tuesday but I am up for it for sure.

Dan B doesn't have his any more.

Can we find six more packs for a six man? Or twelve more for an eight man?

I have 6. I should be free tomorrow evening if people want to draft

I have zero but would definitely like to draft if someone has packs for me!

offtopic, had the bloodmoon sunday Ben, but you didn't show! :(

Charlie you genius. I will bring my packs tonight!

I'm in the same boat as Ben, down to draft if someone has packs.

Not sure if I will make it yet, but if I do I have seven packs...

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