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Assuming you get a choice at the Pre Release, what guild will you pick and why?

From what we have seen in spoilers so far Golgari looks the strongest overall.

Azorius looks like it has the most cards I will need for constructed.

Izzet looks like it has one of the biggest limited bombs, could be worth a gamble.

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Selesnya are definitely the least interesting. Populate also seems like a really awkward mechanic that goes from terrible to insane depending on what you have in play. Glad I got my registration in early!

I like some aspects of a lot of the guilds, so did the quiz on the wizards site which had me at Golgari, so I went with that. Its the colours of my favourite Commander, so that's a plus. 

Didn't manage to pre-reg for the morning pre release, but nabbed Golgari for the saturday PM one. Not sure I'll be able to come down on Sunday but we'll have to see!

after seeing the whole spoiler, I think selesnya definitely looks the most interesting...

Populate lets you play fringe md spells like fog, it has great finishers, and solid all around creatures... I was already leaning that way, but now I am certain it will be the most fun :P

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