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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

As some of you are already aware we will be hosting one of the World Magic Cup Qualifiers on Saturday 14th April. The format is standard constructed and full information can be found at

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But Mills is entertaining :(

Dan Barrett said:

Phil's "luxury tournament" sounds pretty decent.

There should be a guest list, and bouncer with velvet rope to stop the riffraff getting in.

Whatever your opinion is on what one should pay to enter a tournament is a personal thing and each person will have a different perspective. However we should not forget the fact that the recent increase in the price to enter a PTQ is mainly due to the fact that WOTC have withdrawn all booster support for the organiser. That means the organiser has got to provide an additional 6 boxes of product than in the past, therefore that cost has to be passed on to the players like any other increase in costs.

However there is a limit to what a person is prepared to pay and I would not criticise anyone who says enough is enough. I actually think players should complain. Remember the outcry of the loss of the Nationals. WOTC were forced to listen and rethink that decision and introduce the World Cup. I admit this is rare but that does not mean impossible. I also concede that it is probably unlikely to do any good.

It will be interesting to see how PTQ numbers fair in the upcoming seasons when all the qualifications for the WCQ are over at the end of March.

I think the whole policy of driving play through shops is based on getting in new players. They will spend the money until they get fed up with the costs, to be replaced by new players and the cycle restarts. Older players can do as they please :(

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