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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

I have a bunch of current set WoW product, enough to run 2-4 drafts.

Who would be interested in giving this a go? Either 8 or 6 man (team?) drafts, it won't cost you anything, but I will keep everything opened.

Could do a first one either on the 20th or 27th of July, let me know what you fancy?

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Go on then Dan, I'll give it a go. 


That's 3 now as Baker said he'd try it, just need 3/5 more.

Sure Glenn will be up for it.

need a decent venue for it though. 

I could be convinced :)

I'm sure I can l play if required not sure about dates though, also wow is very good to draft by the way

Well I am at a wedding on the 20th and the 27th will probably be the only time I get to pack stuff for the move, we could go crazy and do it on a school night

If people are interested I can do a Tuesday at the club anytime from around 6.15?

happy to give it a go- not familiar with how the card game works there but if you need someone who will unwittingly pass bombs around... :) 

20/27 both fine for me; not going to be at the club this tuesday, though maybe next tue would work

Maor - even if the first time isn't a good date for you, I have plenty of packs to run more.

Also the bombs in this game (which plays extremely similarly to Magic) are so ridiculous, it is unlikely you will pass one!

i can't do weekday nights but i'd be game for a sunday afternoon some time!

Any takers for Tuesday 16th?

Won't be M14 drafts to play yet, so a slow week for Magic I'd imagine.

Not able to do weekdays either.

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