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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

We are doing this in our Multiverse app:

(Old shared Google spreadsheet for this is here: )

Channel Fireball just did Top 8 Mechanics:

* Retrace

* Dredge

* Landfall (not for attacking like Steppe Lynx - Grazing Gladehart and Roil Elemental style)

* Scry

* Flashback

* Kicker

* Flying

* Cycling

I wonder if we could use that, or some of that, as the basis of You Make the Set 5.  I know that some of you were keen on Landfall.

Not sure when we would play it out but some time in late May probably?

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The whole set has been built to work as an 8-man draft. 3 of each common, 2 of each uncommon and 1 of each rare are going to be printed which makes 336 cards (24 boosters of 14), then the same cards used every time the set is played. No idea what we'll do if more than 8 people want to play, though!

Just to confirm - there are no Mythics?

Also, is there a summary of what needs to be done/cut/reviewed/added?

Correct, we made all the mythics into rares, since essentially there is no difference between them in our set, plus we don't really like them.

As to what needs to be cut, it is mainly uncommons/rares, particularly in red and green.

Each colour should have the following:

Common x14

Uncommon x7

Rare x4

And colourless is:

Common x10

Uncommon x1

Rare x4

Allan Chong said:

Just to confirm - there are no Mythics?

Also, is there a summary of what needs to be done/cut/reviewed/added?

So here are the few things we still have to decide before the set is ready to go (other than art, though I hear Simon is making good progress there):


1 White Rare needs cutting. Looks likely to be ASTRAL MAGUS unless anyone is willing to stand up for him.

2 Black Rares have to go. I've cut HOWLING DEVOURER since nobody liked him, but that still leaves two. Things look bad for KNOWLEDGE FROM THE VOID, but not many comments so far on the others.

2 Red Uncommons need to go. I've cut DISDAINFUL RESEARCH since Raid the Library is a version more people seem to like. BURN THE LIBRARY looks like it might be going (though I quite like it), but the other card could be anything.

3 Green Uncommons need to go. I'm not overly attached to my own DREAMRIVER BOA or WILD MURLODONT (especially with the new Might of Eons around), which would leave one if people are happy with those going.

1 Green Rare has to go. Could be any of them really. SCION OF ARGES is really similar to Seerlord of the Blue Tower, so could possibly go just for that reason.


Is ZEALOUS PROTECTOR okay as a 1/2 with double strike or should he be left as the only reprint?

What is IMPOSSIBLE HORROR going to be? A big flier with more of a drawback, a smaller cheaper flier, or left as he is?

Should DALGATH THUG lose Deathtouch?

Should CALIPH OF TYROSH be a better creature?

Does MAGE FANATIC need a new name?

Should SIMPLE OFFERING have flashback for White or some other way for White to use it?

Should HEROIC END and MIGHT OF EONS swap rarities?

What should CYCLOPEAN COMMANDER's ability be?

Is SIGNAL SOLITAIRE necessary? If not, what could replace it?

Is RAGESLAVER any good? The only time I saw it in action it was being used as a Fog.

Can't think of any others right now. We're so close I can almost touch that prerelease!

In addition, Red is chock full of two drops and has almost no 3 drops. Perhaps we can push something like Radical Mage to 2R and back to "discard up to two"?.

And finally we need a name for our set!



I like Astral Magus, and think it is between her and Song of Anara. Song is hard to build around, and you can't even really do it in white.


I would cut Vile Mimic and then probably Knowledge from the Void. In addition all blacks rares are heavy black and epensive, not necessarily a big problem, just worth noting.


I would cut Echo of the Phoenix and Burn the Library. Bit awkward it is both burn spells...


I would cut Dreamriver Boa, Rallying Cry, and I guess Wild Murlodont. Leaves green awful short of two drops

At rare I would cut Cyclopean Commander

Just my two cents:

WHITE - Agree with Simon, its between Song and Astral Magus. I think it depends how you want the set to go. If you want White to dip into Portenting and Foresighting, keep Song; otherwise, keep Astral Magus.

BLACK - Would cut Knowledge from the Void, and Dalgath Prophecy as they both don't seem to fit the set.

RED - Cut Burn the Library and maybe the new red looter? That guy seems very powerful at the moment.

GREEN (uncommon) - Seems controversial, but maybe cut the Arctotheir Dynast? His ability seems almost rare-like, and I don't think there's much flicker effects anymore. And also maybe Natural Instinct - doesn't seem very green.

GREEN (rare) - I would cut Battlefield Oracle just coz he scrys, and the other two cyclops rares are cooler.

ZEALOUS PERSECUTOR - 1/2 with double strike can trigger soulbond twice....has some synergies, and goes well with the equipment and enchant stuff.

IMPOSSIBLE HORROR - Seems fine to me. You are basically missing your next draw step if you play it on t3. Maybe make it 3/3?

DALGATH THUG - really doesn't need deathtouch. His unearth ability goes well with the red looters and black mill

CALIPH OF TYROSH - maybe make the ability trigger when it etb as well?

MAGE FANATIC - name sounds good!

SIMPLE OFFERING - don't think it needs the off-colour flashback or any flashback for that matter

HEROIC END/MIGHT OF EONS - Agree they should swap rarities

CYCLOPEAN COMMANDER - I really like this card as it is, although he seems a little overpowered. Maybe make him cost 5?

SIGNAL SOLITAIRE - seems alright to me as a filler. 

RAGESLAVER - feels like its in the wrong set. How about an artifact that is 4cc and has 5,tap: put target card in a graveyard on top of owner's library face up?


Okay, so I pretty much have all the art sourced, a few cards are proving difficult so if anyone finds any art they think suitable for these, please post a link.

Bound to Serve

Exaltation of Larks

Gluttonous Lark


Scroll Burner

Portal Thopter

Staff of the Towers

I do have placeholder art for all of these, but not really happy with them.

Is anyone going to the release event on Saturday? Could be an opportunity for some playtesting?

If we are going to print out a final set with art (sounds like we are) we should organize an event that is that and only that some time in the next few weeks with at least 8 nailed on attendees (if we can find them!)

Clashing with the release event seems like a bad idea, though, so maybe the weekend after in Penderel's Oak?

Could you make boosters with right number of each rarity and have your own pre-release?!

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