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After a little informal discussion I think it's time for You Make the Set 7.

We've done this a few times before. As always anyone is welcome to contribute as much or as little as they'd like.

Saturday October 12th looks like the date for the official draft to me as there is no TGC event and it's before I am off to the US.

I'm a little vague on exactly what You Make the Set means this time around. Here are some options.

  1. Invent some cards, send them to me, I'll print the lot, we show up on October 12th having not really seen each others designs and having not tested and we draft them.
  2. Design a set on Multiverse with a little editing and feedback and tweaking and set mechanics. With a deadline of three weeks it will necessarily be a little rough but something less free-for-all than (1).
  3. Bring together classic Magic cards with some (how many?) new designs of our own to make a sweet set to draft. Evoke meets Landfall meets Blind Seer.

    Additionally, if we are having a theme, I'm not sure which theme we like out of:

    1. Whatever you like/no theme.
    2. Wedges.
    3. Lands.
    4. Top-down Egyptian theme with Sphinxes, Pyramids, Mummies, Jackal-headed creatures, etc.
    5. Some other theme I haven't thought of

    I'm inclined to go with 2 (multiverse) and D (Egyptian) or maybe 3 (classic cards) and C (lands) but what do you think?

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I guess he has a point. Pretty much anything I can think of for Exile is just a rip-off of a pre-existing Graveyard ability. And Graveyard has been done to death. On reflection, I'm not really convinced it's an interesting theme.

Thomas David Baker said:

It may not matter to us but Maro hates using Exile as a second graveyard and even hated Runic Repetition (which development added).

So I've got KIERAN, DANIEL, SIMON, TOM and PAUL designing AT LEAST 72 cards each (more is better) and playing at Penderel's Oak at 12pm with three other people that we still need to recruit. The theme of the cards is "whatever you like" but if you need some restrictions to breed creativity then use Egyptian Mythology as a spur.

Anyone want to be a player but not a designer? Anyone else want to be a designer?

72 is quite a lot! Though I guess this does mean we can seed certain deck types pretty easily! I currently have zero designed, but I'll get on it soon.

I have made 25 so far. Andy Tan is probably going to be our sixth player. Still need two more!

I've now made 58 cards.

For synergies sake here are my creature types so far:

Human, Bird (Falcon), Sheep (Ram), Cat (Lion, anthropomorphic Lion), Human Soldier, Cat Spirit, Human Rogue, Sphinx, Mongoose, Scorpion, Rat, Human Wizard, Elemental, Phoenix, Beast, Elf Warrior, Elf Druid, Spider, Crocodile, Ox (Bull), Wurm.

I might change the Elves into something else.

The only token I am using so far is a 2/2 white Cat token with vigilance.

I've tried to aim the power level around "high-ish pick draft card" with some lower powered cards and role players.

I'm away on business at the moment but should be able to design 72 okay by the deadline.

Anyone got any mechanics or areas they are focusing on that might need additional support?

Sheep and Mongoose are obviously great creature types. I wonder if I could make Sheep the new Frogs...

There's only one Sheep until now (and it's not written on the card) but there already three Mongeese!

Surely the Llama's are where it's at, Monty Python gave you a whole host of names as well

Sounds like A.W.O.L might be a much-needed re-print in this set!

Unfortunately it looks like I can't make the 12th. Some diary congestion and actual failure by me to check that I was free that day!

I will still design my cards and sent them through, about 45 complete so far (with art). Hopefully we can get another play in before Tom jets off to the US. I'm free on the Sunday 13th if people want a double header?

I have a huge problem in that my new flat won't have internet until at least next week. So not only can I not get art, I can't send them over to be printed before the deadline! This is going really well so far...

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