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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

We can now confirm the first - of what we hope to be many - large Modern tournament of the new Season.


DATE: Saturday 12/11/10

TIME: 13:00 to 19:00

VENUE: Dark Sphere Gaming Venue (45 York Road)

Cost: £8


Decklists are required, as are appropriate tokens, dice etc.




1st place: 4 x Sacred Foundry

2nd + 3rd to be confirmed, based on numbers. Likely to be equivalent of 2 x Shock Land for 2nd place and 1 x Shock land for 3rd place.


If demand is there we will begin awarding Power for Legacy tournaments and Legacy Duals for Modern tournaments. We'll continue to support Eternal Magic in London for as long as there are players.


We hope you can attend - if I have missed anything out or would like any extra info then drop a reply below or add us as a friend on facebook at 'DarkSphere London'.


Thanks all,

Mark Gunther

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When you said friend on facebook, do you mean a page, or an account for a person that has the name "DarkSphere London"? I have seen other shops/cubs do it before but don't really know why they don't just use a page.

We're a person called Darksphere London. We do this as it gives us greater freedom. Groups and business pages limit our actions and do not allow us to comment on other pages, 'like', or use facebook chat.

To be honest it usually looks unprofressional, but if you have relevant reasons, then fair enough. I've never really understood why it was done so thanks for letting me know :D (and sorry for the random tangent).


Back on topic: I've not had a chance to play Modern yet. I think somewhere a bit more local to me is holding an event beforehand, so if I go and like the format I might see if I can come to this. Will have to make a deck though, perhaps something involving Goblins as there aren't any in Innistrad so its a bit hard to play them in current standard.

FYI there is now (well, for a few month actually) the option to "use Facebook as page", which allows you to like posts/comments/other pages, comment on them, etc. Sign in as a page admin, go to your page, then click this option in the RH column.

i am so game for this as well! thank you darksphere for catering to the [hopefully] large volume of constructed players in london who ordinarily do not get any opportunities to play outside constructed ptq seasons

It's our pleasure. We're willing to put ourselves out there with our prizes, we just hope that we get the numbers. It's worth noting that all prizes are guaranteed, no matter the turnout.

It's a shame you do not have any boosters to top up the prizes for anyone below 3rd...!



We do but it will depend on numbers...



Nothing as definate as 1 booster per 8 players, then?

Hi Philip,


Nothing as definite as 1 booster per 8 players simply because we'll be looking at doing some of the other prizes in the form of Modern cards but based on overall value it will end up being better than 1 booster per 8 players.


Best wishes,




It's so nice to have such a fixed idea of prize support going into the tournament...
We'll guarantee the prizes for positions 1-3 and that the value of the prizes for below third will be equal to or greater than one booster per 8 participants.

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