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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Me + 5 other players, snaking picks I will get someone on Twitter to randomly order, squad of 6, winner gets a beer from all the losers.


You can choose any player who may be playing at worlds - for reference the invite list:


Points structure (borrowed from another forum, is weighted to reward well-rounded teams and not just a t8er plus 5 randoms)


1 point for each match point in final standings

PLUS (mutually exclusive):

Cash UNDER Top 32: 3 extra points
32nd-17th: 5 extra points
16th-9th: 6 extra points
Top 8: 9 extra points

Winner: 15 extra points


Anyone up for it?

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I love a bit of controversy  

Thom Richardson said:

mills you are a funny guy.

you tried to switch out Oli Ruel for Love Janse, who got DQd without prize at Amsterdam. got to have 1 player running the cheat on the team eh?

Philly, not the GP.
It helped me- moved from 201 to 200th -> extra pro point.


My team is currently on 54 points - anyone beating that/close atm?

mr woods undefeated! chapin doing well. my bad on AJ

im lazy... someone work out my points

Kibler and Wrapter are both on 5-1
Fujita is 3-3
Nelson is on a dismal 2-4
Ruel had better things to do ¬_¬  

Hmmmmmmmms My team is on 46.

pv & stark 4-2

anton & rietzle 3-3

gau 1-1-4


At least they are all good limited players....


im only 1 ahead of mills and he has a player more than  me!

I have a player less

Thom Richardson said:

im only 1 ahead of mills and he has a player more than  me!

My team's currently on 60.


Neeman and Yasooka 5-1

Sam Black 4-2

Oberg and Yurchick 3-3

Yeah this whole 'no show' thing makes it impossible to win. We should have been able to draft a sub to avoid things like that.

Oli wouldn't of gotten you any points anyway... ; )

i have, by my reckon, slightly over 9000 points

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