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So I just logged in to MODO and noticed I've been given Premium Deck Series : Slivers and a foil Shards block booster.  I asked an ORC about it and he was being quite guarded, just saying "details about what was given out will be released later.  Its for the 10th anniversary celebrations".

What did you guys get?

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same here, pretty sweet as I was considering getting graveborn a while ago

Simon O'Keeffe said:


Some of those things were not part of the 10th Anniversary stuff. I guess they are just regular player rewards:

I got everything, which makes sense as my MTGO account is almost as old as MTGO.

I never pay attention to anything on modo, that's just stuff I noticed I had that I didn't have before.

so.. anyone for Slivers vs Slivers?

Oh I see, yeah I got everything. I haven't got a clue where I got any of my other promo stuff from then.

Could be fun!

Ben Titmarsh said:

so.. anyone for Slivers vs Slivers?

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