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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

(plus events on Friday 8th also)

Assume you're all going to be there, I've taken the whole of Friday off to get the most out of the weekend. Aimign for GPTs til I get bored Fri, Main event Saturday, Vintage on both Sat and Sun unless I am still in the GP.

I hear the food options at Excel are pretty bad so bringing packed lunches is advisable? It'll be like a school trip!

Just thinking ahead, does anyone have a complete standard deck they would be willing to lend me for use in Friday's last-chance GPTs? Probably something aggressive would be best for me (Mono-R, R/B?), I will of course lend you cards/share any prizes/buy a beer or two in exchange for your generosity.

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i might come and play vintage if nathan will sponsor me :)

also lol @ paying/charging £20 for """vip""" services.

Thanks for the heads up on food, probably quite expensive as well.  Definite bringing my own exotic bits with me.

I have lots of Standard (esp RTR) cards Dan but as always missing the crucial Thragtusks and playable Mythics to make full decks.

Definitely planning on attending for the full day on the Friday.

I'm not sure how many single elimination Sealed events I can bear to do at 28 GBP a throw.  Better win the first one.  Standard at 10 GBP possibly makes more sense but does involve playing Standard.  Also I'd hate to invalidate my one bye now that I have one for the first time by winning a GPT :)

Will also be bringing cubes, etc. if crashing out of the main event.  Those prices look pretty vicious for what is likely to be single elim drafts (16 GBP).  Hopefully people will have boosters for impromptu drafts.

That said there are LOTS of events scheduled which is cool.  Team Sealed AND "Super Sunday" Sealed on Sunday.  Modern, Legacy and Vintage all over the place.

Should be awesome and hopefully almost everyone won't go home hungover early Sunday like in Manchester!

Oh screw Thragtusks, I just want to turn 1 and 2 drops sideways! Do you have any Caverns/Thundermaw Hellkites/Hellriders? Think rest of what I would be looking for is mainly common/uncommon.

Agree that being hungover at a GP is a bit counter-productive, fortunately we can all go out in London at other times so we won't feel like we're missing out by not doing so.

come on people it's all about the north vs south footy match

this will be the first time I am playing :)

Glenn Goldsworthy said:

come on people it's all about the north vs south footy match

when/where will this be? i am defs game!

Glenn Goldsworthy said:

come on people it's all about the north vs south footy match

I am unsure of the details as Riggers is organising but I am led to believe it will be 11 a side (if we get numbers) with Rich Hagon ref

Pete and Phil I've sent you an event invite on facebook with the known details

dan, i have hellkites for you

also, the food aint bad. if you come out the venue there're some good cafes and chicken and chip shops near by. i know this area like the back of my hand as the venue is a 2 min walk from my house. there is park nearby (4min walk) which is massive and maybe a good location for the football match? people are welcome at my place too

I am literally abysmal at football but I work hard and foul like a master.  I'm up for it if numbers need making up.

I have 1 Hellkite, 1 Hellrider and 1 Cavern of Souls.  Useful.  Surely it's right to play Bogle in all formats following GP Atlantic City, though!

Roy, I'll send you a message closer to the time then I guess!

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