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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Any updates on how our boys are doing out there?

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Tom Reeve and Jack Ho are 8-2. Chifley came 30th on the PT which is sick
Only bad thing- It's really hard to see how our "french" friends are doing!
They did the same thing at GP: Toronto too...with half of the Canadians being labelled as American (and vice versa)
Dingler was 8-1-1, Rich Moore 7-3, Nathan 7-3 iirc also going into day 2.

That Ginger One said:
Tom Reeve and Jack Ho are 8-2. Chifley came 30th on the PT which is sick
I blame the lack of search engine. Missed Dinglers name, wasnt really looking at the 7-3's cos they can never finish high even at this point, even a 6-0 is probably only scraping top 16.

Bastiaan (von Beschwitz - probably spelt wrong, German, kind of friends with Florian, back in Germany now) went 11-0 in the first 11 rounds.  And then 0-5 :S

He drafted at table 1 with Nassif and I think Kai Budde and others ... ooh, celebrity.

But he's no Steve Bernstein, obv.


Tom Reeve did excellently in the GP after a 2-2 start to finish 43rd. I think Nathan might have made top 64 too, but didn't see him before I left.
I was wondering if that was the same bastian. Shame about the 0-5 patch really..

Such a ridiculous weekend! Don't really know what else to say, after staying alive on the bubble for pretty much the entire weekend and eating lots of chocolate pain. Gogo gadget $200 and one Pro Point I guess? If anyone is interested in my Sealed and Draft decks from the weekend, I put the lists up here;

Just as an addition, if anyone lost property at the event and wishes to try and get it back please contact

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