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Sorcery spells do you need in a deck for Quicken to be good?

This could be the time for Quicken to shine.

There are good sorcery spells in R/B if you want to go Grixis.

There are not as many if you want to go U/W/R, but there is still Mizzium Mortars, Anger of the Gods and Supreme Verdict.

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Playing YGO deck construction rules I see

(why no 4 ofs?)

At the moment I am not sure any single card is needed as a 4 of. I think you want a variety of answers are all good at different times.


Magma Jet is amazing because of the scry 2, but when you are looking at a 3 toughness creature it is a problem.


Similar problem with Mortars. If you have taken care of their creatures it does not go to the face like Lightning Strike.


I mat need to make room for Detention Spheres maindeck depending on how many planeswalkers people play. Cant always have the counterspell.

Could need 26, don't see it being more than that though. 


The scry lands seem awesome btw.
Charlie Grover said:

Seems 1-3 lands off where I would want to be with that deck

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