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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

First up - Jason will be having a pre-release again this time, so please do come and support it, it's probably advisable to book in advance and reserve a slot in case it's really busy - do so here:







Secondly, spoilers are starting, and this set looks pretty sweet theme-wise.

Nothing official yet (expect to see some early tomorrow morning after the Innistrad party at PAX, and spoiler articles start on dailymtg Monday), but there is this blurry Russian video that confirms flashback is returning, and there are some gold cards in the set. It would be an obvious Salvation fake, but the book the cards are on has the same symbol as one of the houses in that theme article, so...



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have you seen the day / night malarky on mtgs?


i will hopefully be prereleasing, though i have to hand off a bunch of stuff before my contract ends on the 30th so i'm not certain. i trust people are game for the traditional post-prerelease heavy drinking on the saturday night?

OK registered for the morning of Sat and the Sunday event.

Will there be drafts on Sat afternoon?

There are no "side event" drafts at pre-releases anymore, Amar.



However,the day/night thing has now been revealed: INNISTRAD MECHANICS

double-faced cards is kinda dumb but it's probably a pretty fun mechanic


looking forward to casting flashback lots


Dan Barrett said:
maybe because of the double bendyness they won't bend at all :o

Double sided cards are going to be awesome.


You know why?  Because if they sucked they wouldn't have begged for the extra printing costs and rules shenanigans that they would have to have begged for from other departments.



anyone wanna go splits on a cheap case of INN?


edit: already planning on getting a cheapy box (any judges wanna sell to me) and hosting a draft at mine after pre-re

Double sided cards = awkward drafts
phill, i'll be up for drafts and cheap cases. what we looking at? message me on FB.

Do any of you want to draft the Friday of release in the daytime?


I have the day off work for my birthday, you see!

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