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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

I have tons of RTR packs and the all-new combo cube described by Martin Dingler as making normal cube look like core set draft.

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Ooh, there's live coverage of the GP and Pete Dun is 9-0 and Dan Royde is 8-1. Games at my place in Pimlico??

Can't I'm afraid, next weekend I'm free though

Same as, wanna do something next Saturday (10th Nov)?

Yours/mine/pub in Holborn, I'm not too fussed, but would prefer to start before lunchtime, as I'm always up and ready to do something by about 9am on Saturdays...

Paul Hodgson said:

Can't I'm afraid, next weekend I'm free though

I could be up for something during the day on the 10th.

I may be up for things in the evening, im back for my lil bros bday in the daytime on saturday but have the evening free

Daytime only for me, prefer central (the Oak)/Baker's house as that way I can go buy some stuff in Oxford St before/after.

I'm up for this, free all day

I'm happy with the Oak,
Or timing dependent (something like 1200-1800), I can host.

I'm thinking Penderel's Oak (Holborn) is probably easiest then people can turn up early (Dan B, me), just turn up for the daytime (Dan R, me), or just later on (Charlie, me)?  Doesn't matter to me.

Sounds like we have a decent number, though, so that's good.

Of course who actually turns up will bear little resemblance to who says they will on this thread :)

My freedom depends on what my bro is doing for his birthday but ill keep you posted - if he is busy all day I wont come to London at all, but currently he only has stuff planned for the evening with his friends to ill be at home daytime and free evening, but I will keep you posted as these threads are notoriously unrepresentative of attendees...

Tom, what time suits you then?


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