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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

You need 200 points from Dec 26th 2011 to Apr 1st 2012 to get an invite to the thing where the winner gets on the National Team.

All TGC (sanctioned) events are 1 point for playing + 3 points per win.

Is that right?

So there's no easier way for me to earn my 146 points required than 3-0'ing 15 drafts (well, with one loss allowed) between now and April 1st?

Have you guys all easily got 200 or are you all going to be sitting it out too?

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Oh, wait, is the multiplier about how many people are in your draft?  Or how many people are in the room drafting?  Could be that the multiplier could be 2x if there are 16-31 people and 3x if there are 32-63 (seems unlikely).

Don't you get more than two hundred just from going to a GP?

If you can round people up to do a "private" draft just play round robin best of 1.

That way if you averaged a little over 4-3 every week you could hit your 146 points in about 10 drafts.

I'm relying on 2 average PTQ performances at 20 participation pts and 15 pts/win each.

I need 200 points in a month. :(

i'm relying on organized play being a joke and subsequently not giving a fuck

(yes, i am obligated to complain about something in every post!)

I need a Modern deck.

200 Seems like its not easy to get. PTQ's are good though, if you go to every PTQ you should easy get 200. Just drafting makes it impossible unless you 3-0 almost every week.

Lucky for me we only need 100 here. I havent even played that much and I have just over 60 at the moment. I didnt get to PTQ at all though as it was Modern and too far away.

Yea, 7/8 wins across 2 PTQs should be enough for me, I need 160 and also have Game Day today and a GPT or two.

Actually on Topic, though I don't know if it's useful to anyone else (you could be welsh in order to only need 50 points to qualify for the qualifier qualifier)

In order to be eligible for the residential-specific participation and/or invitation criteria (listed above) during the year 2012, a player must be either:
• a citizen of that country, or
• have been a resident of that country since January 1, 2012

Does anyone here know if there is actually any legal definition of a welsh citizen?

I don't think citizenship exists for individual countries within GB, you are just a British Citizen.

(Dec 26 2011-Apr 01 2012)
I guess I need 86 points to Q for this. I could go to Lille but that seems expensive.

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