Demonic Tutor

Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Didnt watch top 8 live so hadnt seen this deck yet.

Glad he won, good on him for pushing the deck more than most people probably tried.


Will have to watch replays as apparently he started 1-4 or something so there must be things in block that beat it.


Was interesting to just watch the deck tech and listen to some of the things he was saying.


Just think people told me making a Miracle deck was a bad idea. This has definatly inspired me to keep working on my constructed deck.

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Isn't there a creature that you can sacrifice to draw a card? Would that be good as an enabler on your opponents turn (declare as a blocker, sac to maybe get a miracle). If you untap with it it you can use all your mana for miracle spells. Or does it not work as it will just draw your opponents removal before you can use it? 

I thought up a deck when the cards were being spoilt of having a deck full of miracles and flashback cards, with the blue enchantment that makes instants/sorcery's cost less. So you still got a discount on the casting cost of the expensive spells (either full cost miracle or big costing flashback). I can't see it being competitive, but it sounds fun. 

Visions of beyond from M12 is good.
U to cast, instant speed, possibly recall in the late game (which this deck can certainly go to)
I love the deck and have been playing a standard version a good week before the pro tour.

Roy I thought about Visions of Beond, seems like it could be good. I can see the advantage of Thought Scour if you are running Tamyio though.


I dont have any Tamyio so didnt run any, im not sure how good it is in standard. I dont think its gonna be drawing that many cards but I could be wrong.


I have been scared to use Desperate Ravings because of the random discard but flashback is so good, perhaps I should be running some Snapcaster Mages. I did like the tech that once you get to 7 mana and a Devastation Tide you can have infinate bounce with a Snapcaster.


Can you post your list here, would love to see what you are running. Hows your Delver match? What about Esper or other control decks?


Now this deck has won a Pro Tour I can see people working on it for standard, whats good tech for the Mirror other than more negates?

Oh Simon, you could run creatures but turning on removal was something I wanted to avoid. Also no creature card draw is just cheaper or has flashback.

Devastation Tide is exiled when you cast it with Snapcaster because it gains Flashback which exiles the card so you don't get infinite bounce.  Still fun to bounce everything and get a Snapcaster in hand for 5UU.

Visions of Beyond does seem strong in this deck.

Good point. Still like you say getting to cast it from the grave for an extra 2 mana and keeping yout snapcaster seems sweet.

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