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Magic: the Gathering in the UK

Rebels, Faeries, Imperiosaur, Dampen Thought, Storm, Giants, Goblins, Tokens, Narcomeba+Bridge from Below, +1/+1 counters, -1/-1 counters, charge counters and time counters.

Modern Masters is shaping up to be the limited format of Kieran's dreams!

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Will be there tonight

Ben Titmarsh said:

who's going to FNM tonight then?

What a great pub. This almost makes me want to only do the morning draft and spend the rest of the day at the Bear!

James Mills said:

Afternoon draft then beer and burgers at the thirsty bear? (Possible more magic)

So, how about the replies to this thread, then...

Colour me jealous!

Fucking hell! £21 is St Albans!!


I should have shopped around before agreeing to £25 in Leighton Buzzard!

I am totally in for this.

James Mills said:

Afternoon draft then beer and burgers at the thirsty bear? (Possible more magic)

Levi Hinz said:

So have we sufficiently min/max'd the price of fun yet?  :)

Saturday sounds like a good plan although I'm not sure if I'm going to be drunk tonight.  Might look at afternoon draft, especially if THE James Mills is going to be there.

what can i say... i'm a sucker for convenience, being able to draft so near to home meaning i can get some more casual games before i have to head back on the last train for a 20min journey home. :) 

prices are high, but i guess people's club choice isn't entirely cost driven

Just finished round 1. Pretty sure this format is insanely fun. Kind of sad having to value draft instead of making a good deck. Probably better to proxy draft or redraft rares.

So I ended up playing this today. It actually pisses me off that wizards made a format that is fun to draft yet is hindered by availability and cost.

Also it brought out my gambling side again. As well as doing 2 drafts I ended up buying 7 boosters between rounds. I don't think I broke even.

Was fun to play Dampen Thought in the first draft and Faries in the second. Would love to play this format again.

I played GBw dredge with Knight of the Reliquary, Maelstrom Pulse, 2 Stinkweed Imp, 2 Worm Harvest, 4 Retrace spells and Kodama's Reach. Lost the final to Ben's insane UB faeries with Blightspeakers and Cryptic Command. Relic did for me in g3. That was with *17* rare, uncommon and common grabs (including about 11 U and R instants that were never going in my deck - played every card i picked in my colors) so god knows how synergistic a deck you can get if you just draft to win! Draft and games were super fun. David (Inglis) 3-0'ed his pod with 4 color Hani Kami-Death Denied-Mulldrifter! Proxies are printing as I type!

So Modern Masters is a pretty great format. Not sure it's so good for multiple plays since the archetypes seem to be quite predetermined, but that should never come up since it's such a limited run. Plus you get a decent rare in nearly every pack as a 'prize' and it doesn't matter if you raredraft because everyone else is doing it!

My proxified drafts didn't work out very well with pretty bad UW Affinity and very bad Wg nothing.  Pretty much hate the Thallids and the tokens strategy in general.  Pretty much love the Death Denied-Mulldrifter/Aethersnipe-Hana Kami deck that David (Inglis) has now 3-0'ed with twice.

I went u/w bounce, it was bonkers, went 3-0 and only lost 1 game where I was mana screwed as in never got to 3, so the plan involved turn 2 suspend turn 5 cloudskate a land, wisper it out and hit another land, in there turn otherworldly journey it, it has multiples of all of these cards, including mulldrifters and other bounce creatures, on 3 occassions on my oppenents turn 5 they ended with 2 lands in play and scooped

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